PlayStation 4 Pro Games

During my downtime of not watching movies or playing board games, I enjoy playing games on both the PC and consoles.

Mario & Lego Harry Potter

After many years of going without a leading gaming console I decided to get myself a PlayStation 4 Pro to play some exclusive games that aren't available on the PC. For me this opens up a few different genres and experiences not available on the PC. I opted for the Pro version as it's unlikely I'll keep up-to-date with the consoles so this should last a little longer.

I currently have 9 games for the PlayStation 4 Pro of which none are on loan.

Game Title Game Type Year Loaned
Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Platform 2017  
God of War Role Playing 2018  
Horizon: Zero Dawn Role Playing 2017  
Nioh Role Playing 2017  
Overcooked! Arcade 2016  
Resogun Shooter 2013  
Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Role Playing 2014  
Unravel Two Platform 2018  
Wipeout: Omega Collection Racing 2017  
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